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Video: Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Go To Hillsong Church, Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Hillsong Church 1Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are spoted while they were watching the sermon the pastor Carl Lentz on Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, California. Check out the photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

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Justin Bieber At Guitar Center Store In Los Angeles, California

Justin Bieber guitar storeJustin Bieber was spoted while he was in a music store, the Guitar Center in California. The singer was accompanied by some members of his entourage, and evaluated several instruments, including a guitar. He picked up few musical instruments including a yellow guitar. Check out the photos:
Justin Bieber guitar store 2 Justin Bieber guitar store 3

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Video: Justin Bieber Meets Fans In Los Angeles, California

Justin bieber Fans LA 1 Justin Bieber attended several fans on a street in Los Angeles, California. Soon after meeting the lucky fans shared photos on social media like Shots and Twitter, recounting how Canadian Idol was caring and happy, making the moment even more special. Check out videos and photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

Among the testimonials and thanks to the Canadian superstar, one of the fans who bought a hat of the same model that Justin used recently reported that the singer praised the accessory equal to his, “Yes, he saw me, he immediately hugged me and said he loved the my hat. When we were taking the picture Justin said: “We can not look like we are strangers in the photo, pull me closer to you” “.

“I love to hug him, he has the most amazing hug all” reported another fan who won several kisses from Justin after he asked for a kiss on the cheek, while the 20 year old ate an apple.

Justin on the evening of Wednesday (23), has released eleven previous songs that has been recording in the studio also revealed that most of the songs already recorded in the studio, will not be on his album, “I told Justin he could not wait the album and he said: ‘Most of the things I’m writing now will not be part of the album’ ” . Check out the video of Justin with the statement:

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Video: Justin Bieber Meets Fans Outside The Studio In Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Meets FansJustin Bieber took a few minutes of his time to meet a group of fans who were outside the studio where he worked for hours in Los Angeles, California. The singer took a group photo and even chatted with a few fans. Check out the video:

Meanwhile, reported that the ex-girlfriend of Bieber, the singer and actress Selena Gomez , has testified in Los Angeles, referring to another lawsuit filed against Justin for a paparazzo, photographer Jose Duran, accusing Canadian singer to have struck punches and kicks against him during an argument in 2012.

According to the site GE, Selena did not have many details about the incident she was seen calming Bieber performed his testimony smoothly and when asked about Justin has not had the same reaction when the singer was asked about the singer of “Come & Get It ” , who exclaimed, “Do not ask me about her [Selena] again” , when questioned about the Binion case in March this year.

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Justin Bieber Visits Allison Kaye’s Newborn Baby

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Visits Allison Kaye’s Newborn Baby And Partying In Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Visits Allison Kaye’s Newborn BabyJustin Bieber showed off his softer side, posting a picture of himself holding an adorable baby, with the simple caption “innocence” in his picture next to Barrett while Allison posted the same photo with the caption, “Two of the sweetest boys I know. @justinbieber Baby Bear loves you already (sic)” . Justin also congratulated Allison and her husband, after meeting with small “AllisonKayeajscarinz Congratulations. He’s cute, :)”.

Other photos of JB at the W reveal he was actually playing a set of bongos.Justin Bieber Partying In Los Angeles 2

Earlier Tuesday, Bieber hit up a paintballing center with his crew, later posting an Instagram of the fun.Justin Bieber attended a pool party, fundraiser held at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, California. As he came to the event and during his stay in it, Justin was photographed by some fans.Justin Bieber Partying In Los Angeles 1

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Justin bieber Playing Paintball Game 1

Justin Bieber & Lil Za ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ At The Paintball Range In Airsoft In Los Angeles

Justin bieber Playing Paintball Game 1Justin Bieber took the day to play paintball in Airsoft, Los Angeles, California. The star was with a group of friends and besides publishing a photo next to Lil Za on Instagram with the caption, “kill or be killed“, the singer posed with some of the local patrons. Check out the photos also disclosed by Justin and the owners of the space,Justin bieber Playing Paintball Game 2Justin protects himself in a large oversize shirt, gloves, padded trousers and a face mask with goggles.

In another he poses on the battlefield, writing gratefully: ‘Thank you guys for setting up paintballing, be back soon’.

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Justin Bieber In Nightclub Los Angeles 1

Video: Justin Bieber Goes To The Nightclub In Los Angeles

Justin Bieber In Nightclub Los Angeles 1Justin Bieber was at the nightclub Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles, California. The singer posed 20 years alongside some colleagues, among them the singer to Quincy, model and actress Amber Rose, producer Jermaine Dupri and DJ and producer Peter Rosenberg, who published photos next Canadian superstar in their accounts in the application Instagram, like Justin himself who in one of the photos next to the Amber commented, “Great night with friends” .

Amber also showed in the caption of a photo of his sympathy for Justin, and commented, “The Bieber wanted a picture with me and I with him. He is a sweet ” . Have the DJ revealed that Jermaine had a great conversation with Canadian and concluded with the same what Justin is “a great time of his life” . Check out the photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

Justin was spotted leaving the club and hid the flashes of the paparazzi along the way. Check out the video:

Commenting on his expression in the photo with DJ, Justin tweeted, “This is the worst picture ever. Hahaha ” . Justin also posed alongside Emily B an Australian actress and model for 26 years. Quincy also published the full version of his picture next to Justin on his official Facebook profile and commented in the caption, “With my brother Justin Bieber” .

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