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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Does the Shmoney Dance

justin bieber shmoney danceJustin Bieber is the most recent celeb doing the “Shmoney Dancing” to Bobby Shmurda’s hit “Hot Nig*a.”

Justin’s good friend and producer Maejor Ali took to Instagram on Friday to share two videos of himself and JB in the recording studio moving their hips to the viral dance craze.

Shmoney dance!!! Me Bizzle Za and Kalfani #freebreezy,” Ali captured one of the clips.

Check out the videos below! What you think of Justin’s “Shmoney Dance!”

Although the dance move gained popularity thanks to Shmurda’s music video for “Hot N*gga,” the “Shmoney Dance” song was first introduced in February by rapper and his GS9 crew member Rowdy Rebbel.

More JB’s fatass shmoney dance video:

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ali maejor protest

‘Waste To Search For Eggs At Justin Bieber Home': Maejor Ali Protests Over The Police

ali maejor protestThe rapper and friend of Justin Bieber, Maejor Ali went to his account on the microblogging site Twitter while the Los Angeles Police Department was searching for evidence of the involvement of the singer in an act of vandalism, after even be accused by his neighbor of throwing eggs on their property. The searches done on the Bieber mansion lasted about 2 hours and involved a team of several police officers, about 11 vehicles, helicopters and sniffer dogs.

Maejor criticized the grandiosity of operation to only search for eggs, also protesting in favor of the Los Angeles Police prioritize spending big as it was in operation Bieber mansion on more serious crimes such as murder and rape in disadvantaged communities in the United States. Check out the comments Maejor: Continue reading

justin bieber lolly behind music video

VIDEO: New footage from backstage recording the video for ‘Lolly’ are disclosed

justin bieber lolly behind music videoThe music video for the song Lolly , born of a partnership between the rapper Ali Maejor with singers Justin Bieber and Juicy J , made ​​a big hit on the network after being released on the 17th of this month of September.

The Modern Artists Creative released a new video with the making of the video clip showing the behind the scenes during the filming of this overproduction. Watch the player below: Watch The Video!

justin bieber lolly

MUSIC VIDEO: Maejor Ali – ‘Lolly’ ft. Juicy J, Justin Bieber (Official)

justin bieber lollyIt was finally released the music video for Lolly , single Maejor Ali in partnership with Justin Bieber and Juicy J . The long-awaited video was recorded at a studio in Los Angeles in August and brings scenes that accompany the lyrics and Justin dance and appears in provocative scenes, shirtless.  Watch The Video!

Lolly Featuring Justin Bieber

VIDEO: New Teaser for ‘Lolly’ with Justin Bieber are disclosed

Lolly Featuring Justin BieberFans around the world are looking forward to the video clip Lolly , which includes the participation of Justin Bieber and will be released on September 17, but as the big day comes, we have to satisfy our curiosity with the teasers of the same . On Saturday a New Teaser was released. Check out the new video below: Watch The Video!

justin bieber lolly video

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Filming “LOLLY” Music Video ft. Maejor Ali & Juicy J

justin bieber lolly videoThe music video for the song ” Lolly “, the rapper Maejor Ali (also known as Bei Major) with participation of Justin Bieber and Juicy J , is finally being recorded.

On Thursday (15), the Happy Place Productions , producer responsible for the selection of the dancers who participated in the hearings, trials published videos of the choreography that will be part of the video for “Lolly” , along with the known dançadinos Justin. Check out the videos below: Watch The Video!