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Mark Wahlberg Afraid of getting Beat up by Justin Bieber?

justin bieber mark wahlbergMark Wahlberg was recently in program Craig Ferguson , during his participation film producer was asked about some attitudes of Justin Bieber that led to headlines recently. Humorously, Wahlberg said to be afraid to advise on the star.

So Mark admitted to the CBS late night host that he has spoken to Justin, but said that no kid at that age is going to listen to an older person’s advice. In fact he went on to say that people ask him all the time what current day Mark Wahlberg would say to a teenage Marky Mark; and the kid with good vibrations would probably tell him to “Shut the F up” before punching him in the face. Watch The Video!

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Mark Wahlberg Advice Justin Bieber to Stop Smoking Weed and Focus on Career

mark wahlberg and justin bieberUnsurprisingly Justin Bieber and actor Mark Wahlberg intend to work together on a basketball movie that possibly is scheduled to begin filming in 2014. During a webchat with the tabloid ” The Sun”,  held on Monday (05), Mark talked about the possible role of Justin in the movie and some controversies involving the singer

Actor Mark Wahlberg has warned Justin Bieber to stop smoking weed, clean up his act and behave more appropriately or risk ruining his career. Continue reading

Justin Bieber’s Basketball Movie -Mark Wahlberg

Justin Bieber’s Basketball Movie still in the Writing Process-Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg told MTV News Sunday that while his basketball movie with Justin Bieber has not officially been green-lit yet, the story writing is already in full swing.

Wahlberg told MTV:

“We’re waiting for the script. Every time I see [Bieber] or Scooter [Braun], I have to explain to them that it’s a bit of a process having the script written.”

Wahlberg emphasized that they want to make sure that the script is as good as it can be before they move forward into production.

“It certainly [has to be] something that’s good enough to go and have green-lit and make right away, but I think it will be well worth the wait.”

Watch the interview: