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Justin Bieber Marketing

Expert Says Justin Bieber Is Controversial Marketing Strategy

Justin Bieber MarketingThe many controversial episodes involving  Justin Bieber  in recent months, have been agenda among many issues discussed by the world media, including his arrest in Miami last monthAddressing the issue, CBC News released a story highlighting the expert opinion on the controversies involving the singer, saying that it’s all just  a “marketing strategy” , with the goal of making the Canadian limelight ball public, thus causing a boost to his career. 

This year has been a bad year for Justin Bieber – in just one month in 2014, the Canadian pop star has been arrested twice, in two different countries, and now faces charges of driving under the influence of drugs and speeding. But according to some experts, the apparent decline of Justin can turn on a rise to the top, as long as he plays his cards right.  Mark Sherwin , president of Toronto-based (crisis management, “CorpWorld”), says celebrities who misbehave is nothing new.  “We saw pictures of criminals for years,” he says. Even saying it does not believe that most celebrities go out and intentionally break the law just to get attention, Sherwin says that once they are in a bad situation, there are ways to make the best possible – and maybe even come out stronger [the situation]. Continue reading