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Video: Justin Bieber Driving His $2M Bugatti Veyron In Miami

Justin Bieber Driving Bugatti carJustin Bieber decided to drive his new car, a Bugatti that won the rapper and producer Birdman present, and beside himself when it was spotted by fans while driving the convertible $ 2million through the streets of Miami, Florida.

Fans who are always on the side of the star wherever he is in the city, also spoke to Justin who stopped for a quick chat and promised to take pictures with them at another time, as He was in a hurry. Check out the video of the moment:

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Video: Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Leaving The Studio Hit Factory In Miami

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Leaving Hit Factory In MiamiJustin Bieber was photographed after hours in the studio working on a new collaboration side of U.S. singer to Madison Beer. Later the Canadian superstar was spotted leaving the studio Hit Factory in the company of singer and actress Selena Gomez , who spent most of his time with Justin and Beer in the studio. Check out video below:

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justin bieber arrest

Justin Bieber Outcome Of The Case To His Arrest In Miami

justin bieber arrestJustin Bieber  was arrested in Miami for making picks and driving under the influence of narcotics. Until the early hours of Saturday, do not know much about what was happening with the trial of the singer, ‘TMZ’ addressing the issue, thereby disclosing the new agreement received by the court singer.

Police sources told .. The Florida state attorney Justin offered a plea agreement in his DUI case and resisting arrest, and we learned of the terms of the agreement. The DA will drop the charges of DUI and charges of resisting arrest, but in return must Bieber: Continue reading

Justin Bieber searched in prison

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Being Searched During Arrest In Miami Are Disclosed

Justin Bieber searched in prisonJustin Bieber was the focus of headlines and comments worldwide, after he was arrested in Miami Beach , while driving through the city streets, along with his colleague, Khalil. Days after the incident that cost the singer a fine of $ 2,500 dollars and three charges (driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with a portfolio of unsuccessful qualification), nowreleased the exclusive video with images of the moment when the singer was searched inside the prison.  Watch The Video!

justin bieber lamborghini 1

Lamborghini Rented By Justin Bieber Becomes Celebrity in Miami

justin bieber lamborghini 1Before his arrest dawn on January 23, Justin Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini that had been rented in MiamiThe Canadian disbursed about $1,500 dollars to be able to walk the city streets in style, and after all the controversy, the car has become somewhat of a celebrity among locals who do everything to posing next to the machine that was driven by the singer.And even some models, such as Madison Murray, are being photographed next to the Lamborghini.

The rented Lamborghini that Justin Bieber was driving before his arrest for DUI, is practically a celebrity now – in fact, so famous, that has become a Holy Grail for fans of Bieber and some models. A good example is here: Madison Murray , 24 years old, was seen posing next to the car on Tuesday.

Sure, it’s a yellow Lamborghini – who would not is beside him-but sources tell us that the car Justin increased his reputation this month, and local models are doing everything to get a photo. Continue reading

Fans chase Justin Bieber trying to get a glimpse photo of Justin Bieber

Video: Justin Bieber Leaving Miami And Boarding The Opa-Locka Airport

Fans chase Justin Bieber trying to get a glimpse photo of Justin BieberJustin Bieber left the mansion Orchid House, which remained isolated in Miami, and went to the Opa-Locka airport, before leaving the city in a private jet , accompanied by his father, Jeremy Bieber, rapper and friend Khalil and strong security who tried to calm the crowd that waited outside the house for hours.

Justin leaving the Orchid House were video released: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Smiling leaves miami

VIDEO: Smiling Justin Bieber leaving the Orchid House in Miami, Mobbed by Fans

Justin Bieber Smiling leaves miamiJustin Bieber was photographed as he left the house where he stayed in the past hours after his controversial arrest in Miami. The singer was surrounded by fans and paparazzi who camped on the spot waiting for him and went straight to the airport in Miami, where he leaves the city with yet undisclosed destination.

Justin smiled and greeted fans even with the turmoil, while leaving the Orchid House. Check out photo and videos of the moment!

Justin Bieber Chased By Miami Police

VIDEO: Recorded The Moment Justin Bieber Is Chased By Miami Police

Justin Bieber Chased By Miami PoliceOn the night of Friday (24), security camera videos of the street Justin Bieber drove a Lamborghini were released by “CBS”. In the video showing the moments before the arresrt of Bieber, you may notice a yellow Lamborghini, Ferrari driven by Bieber and red, which was being directed by Khalil, and seconds later the police car in Miami.

The video also features a report made ​​by the TV channel “CBS 4″, which shows the house in which the singer is hosted in Miami, Orchid House on Collins Avenue, surrounded by Beliebers saying, “We want Justin” .

Garces, a paparazzo who was standing outside the house of Bieber was asked whether the Canadian was out of control and his answer was surprising: “I think he’s going through what everyone goes through, which is the process of life learning and he has to pay the price, but he really should consider that many people love and admire “ . A resident of the place where the ‘crack’ was made ​​was also interviewed and only replied with a funny tone: “Just take it slow, no matter who.” Watch The Video!

justin bieber go to rehab

Justin Bieber Team Expects Him To Go To Rehab But Charges In Miami Were Not So Serious

justin bieber go to rehabThe fact that Justin Bieber was arrested during the early hours of Thursday (23), became the agenda among various media. Many began to question the physical and mental state of the singer of 19 years old, and comment on a possible admission to a rehabilitation clinic that could help him recover.

Based on the “TMZ” stating that Justin does not rule out the idea of ​​a treatment, and that his team supports you in that decision. Teams of Justin Bieber are asking him to come back to Los Angeles, and then they can sit with him and convince him to do a therapy immediately. Continue reading

Leaving Prison Justin Bieber Resting In Rented House In Miami

After Leaving Prison, Justin Bieber Resting In A Rented House In Miami

Leaving Prison Justin Bieber Resting In Rented House In MiamiJustin Bieber had a busy day and after stopping news around the world, reporting his arrest, the singer was released on bail and went to a house he rented in Miami with his father, Jeremy Bieber and friends including rapper Khalil , who was also arrested with Justin for the same reasons.

The house where he is staying Bieber was photographed on Thursday (23), the singer will not appear in the pictures, but only a few friends, his father and his friend Khalil. The group bought pizza and waved to friends as a helicopter took some pictures of the moment. CBS reported that Bieber was in the pictures, but hours later it was clarified that this was a friend of his father, Kevin. Checkout Photo Gallery!