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‘We All Make Mistakes': Mike Posner On The Arrest Of Justin Bieber

justin bieber mike posnerJustin Bieber has been supported by his numerous fans in the light of increasing controversy in which it has been recently showering. After being arrested in the early hours of Thursday (23), the singer received numerous messages of support sent by peers and friends, and with Mike Posner was no different.

Mike, who is musical partner and friend of Bieber gave an interview to Radio 101.5 FM on the morning of Friday (24), shortly after the arrest of the Canadian superstar, and took the opportunity to lend support to a colleague and comment on it. Check out: Continue reading

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VIDEO: Mike Posner releases making of Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’

justin bieber BoyfriendDuring production of the album  “Believe” in 2012, Justin Bieber has hired music producer and songwriter Mike Posner to work on the project that would launch a new phase of his career, creating new tracks. Posner, one of the chosen Bieber to mount your CD, participated in the composition of the track “Boyfriend” , which ended up being the first single from the album. Watch The Video!