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Justin Bieber and Drake Bell

Drake Bell Attacks Justin Bieber, Calling him Talentless & Idiot then Argue with Alfredo & Tyson

Justin Bieber and Drake BellActor Drake Bell decided again prick singer Justin Bieber via Twitter microblog. The U.S. caused a huge uproar among fans of the Canadian social networks, by posting a photo of Justin doing one of his graffiti, and claimed that it had no talent, after insulting Justin several times and then delete the tweets.

Soon after the spiteful comments insulting the star, Drake received numerous messages from fans regarding their attitude, and even some friends of the singer as Alfredo Flores and Milk Tyson have spoken. Alfredo joked the situation by sending Drake to a photo of President Obama throwing a water bottle, with the phrase “Grab”. Continue reading

justin bieber twitcam

Video: Justin Bieber Surprises Fans Over Twitcam

justin bieber twitcamJustin Bieber made ​​the joy of his fans by appearing during Twitcam his friend, Milk Tyson. The singer was accompanied by her colleagues, Kyle Massey and Kahili , with which was fun and graffiting.

The Canadian made ​​a brief appearance for more than 20 thousand viewers eagerly waiting to see him, and generated great excitement of the fans that were connected at the time the microblog Twitter. Bieber first appeared with a can of spray dancing to his music, “Roller Coaster” , and then immediately made ​​a thank you to fans for the support they have been receiving regarding his new film, Believe. Watch The Video!