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justin bieber model Danielle Knudson

‘Extremely Flattered’ Guess Model Danielle Knudson On Justin Bieber Expressing His Love

justin bieber model Danielle KnudsonJustin Bieber has been expressing his love and shouting out a lot of beautiful women including latest model, Danielle Knudson. Though Justin was getting close to model Chantel Jeffries and Yovanna Ventura, he may be on to the next and ready to flirt with Danielle, according to a new report.

Justin has shared an Instagram photo of Danielle and he may now be plotting to “hook up” with the 24-year-old swimsuit beauty, who he has reportedly texted and is planning to meet up with in the near future, according to Hollywood Life!

Justin Bieber left fans and the prying media after he posted a photo of an ad he saw on the street, with the Canadian model Danielle Knudson , and praised the beauty of it commenting, “Who is this model ? She is stunning! ” , curious to know his identity and the same day Danielle thanked, “Thanks for the message my fellow Canadian“. Weeks later, Danielle chatted briefly with the J-14 , and commented on the surprise of having been so praised for Justin.

After Justin Bieber made ​​it clear that he is impressed with model Danielle Knudson , we are anxious to know if your crush online really wanted to get somewhere. Danielle EXCLUSIVELY revealed to J-14 that Justin came in contact with her ​​after getting her phone number with a mutual friend. Although she is not confirming or denying if you are romantically interested in Justin, she said she would like to be his friend – and was “extremely flattered” when he posted his photo!

While Danielle is being modest about like or not dating Justin, she told us she is attracted to guys “and confident with their feet” and that “Canadians are always fun.

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Justin Bieber Girlfriend Chantel Jeffries

Justin Bieber’s ex is hanging out with TOWIE’s Mario Falcone!

Justin Bieber Girlfriend Chantel JeffriesModel Chantel Jeffries is mates with the most famous 20-year-old in the world – yes, she was the one sitting the car when Justin Bieber was arrested in January 2014 –so now she’s working with TOWIE’s Mario Falcone (she’s modeling his new clothing range) heatworld have a chat to her.

What’s life like as a model in LA? 
“There are a lot of opportunities – it’s better in LA. I’m starting various projects but I’m going to be doing some acting, some small stuff but I will be getting into it. I went to school for acting for a little bit so I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve been shooting different things, clothing lines and things like that and also working on make-up lines in LA, so a little busy.”

Are there many showbiz friends that you hang out with? 
“I have so many different friends. I have a few close friends. I’m usually just with myself.”

What’s the reason for your obsession with wearing black? “For me black is really classy and when you wear it, it always looks better, more expensive. You can wear it at night. I never know where my life is going to take me on a daily basis, it’s so crazy and off the wall, I feel like I’m prepared in my black outfit for what the day may bring. Party or dinner, I’m wearing an outfit that can go. I’m usually running around so I don’t always have the time to go home and get ready so I’m like ‘yeah I’m wearing this, I can go’. I really like boots because you really never know when you might need to hop a fence or like run or anything – you’re prepared. I’m an advocate for boots, I’m all over it.”

Er, right … what’s the coolest celebrity party you’ve been to? 
”Puff [P. Diddy] always throws some cool parties. I have to say his New Year’s parties are always really good. They are star studded events, normally I get there around 11-11.30pm but they last until 8am. They serve you breakfast and they have all the drinks you can imagine. Everyone’s dressed up really nice, super cool and you meet a lot of people, it’s awesome. They play everything, popular music and some old throwbacks. Puff is a great host as usual, you always see him so many times throughout the night and he gets up dancing. They always have a dance floor that’s colourful with lights and they always set it up outside so it’s really cool.”

Who’s the most famous person in your phonebook?
 “I think that’s pretty obvious [Justin Bieber]. I have quite a few. I’m not able to say who.”

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Justin Bieber Carmen Ortega

‘Surrounded By Bad Influences & Blame Selena Gomez’ Carmen Ortega On Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Carmen OrtegaIn a new interview this week the Mail Online , the model and stripper Carmen Ortega , who met Justin Bieber at one of his stints in clubs in the United States, said his views on the current turbulent phase of the singer and that he lives surrounded by “bad influences”. Carmen also highlighted its concern with Justin, still not convinced that he is right.

She saw his world closely, and when the friend of Justin Bieber , Carmen Ortega was in Orange County on Wednesday, its concern with the star was engraved on his face.

The model 30-year-old told the Mail Online that fears that Bieber “may end up dead” .

Carmen says that some of Justin’s friends that are leading him astray and are “a bad influence” . And the sexy brunette hinted that the saga of Justin is even worse than people think.

“It was horrible to see, I feel he has good people around him” , said Carmen. “I fear for him, of course, if he does not make the right choices, this can lead to bad things he” . Continue reading