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Justin Bieber Moshe Benabou

Justin Bieber Resolves Legal Dispute With His Bodyguard, Moshe Benabou

Justin Bieber Moshe BenabouIn early 2013, we reported the resignation of Moshe Benabou , former bodyguard to Justin Bieber‘s Canadian star team. Moshe filed suit against Justin, claiming it was assaulted and harassed by the singer after allegedly trying to prevent a person close to the singer approached him and seeking payment of unpaid overtime in the season for Bieber, between March 2011 and October 2012 totaling $ 421.261 dollars.

Justin’s lawyer sent a press release stating that the case was settled amicably by Justin, who represented by counsel, the matter would have ended with an indemnity whose amount has not been confirmed, but according to lawyers, trading was satisfactory for “both parties”.  Continue reading


Justin Bieber Bodyguard Knocked Out Paparazzi at LAX Airport (Video+Pics)

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard (former israeli soldier Moshe Benabou, not Kenny) just laid the smackdown on an overly aggressive paparazzi at LAX airport.. reports TMZ.com.

Justin had just arrived at LAX airport (Feb 6) and was getting into an SUV to leave the airport … then a paparazzi ran in front of the car to take several shots.

caught on tape!
Video of altercation between Justin’s protector and the paparazzo!

The bodyguard asked the paps to get out of the way — but the guy refused, and persisted to take photographs.

At that point, bodyguard tried to guide the paparazzi to the sidewalk — and the guy took a swing at him. That’s when the bodyguard ducked, and then knocked the pap out with one punch.

The bodyguard then held the paparazzi down until cops arrived.

According to Justin’s rep the altercation began when the pap jumped in front of Justin’s SUV and refused to stop snapping pics. The pap was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon … a felony.