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Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber show at the Singapore Grand Prix – Believe Tour Asia 2013

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1The Believe Tour is back with his latest stage started on Monday (23), the event Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore . The show Justin Bieber in Asia brought innovations in costumes and emotions double, with the longing that the star and his faithful followers were to see him on stage.

As the big push to publicize the event, Singapore Grand Prix, Justin followed the set list of the tour on a stage designed with three runways, instead of one, as the previous shows. Besides covering held on our website, prepared this post with photos and videos of some of the great moments of the show. Check out: Checkout Video + Photo Gallery!

Justin Bieber Performs Washington dc

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert at the Verizon Center in Washington DC

Justin Bieber Performs Washington dcThe Believe Tour , one of the biggest tours in the world was in Washington , DC, in the arena Verizon Center , packed with over 18,000 fans eager to see Justin Bieber . The first to occupy the stage doing the opening show were again the Australian Cody Simpson and the band Hot Chelle Rae .

Shortly before the timer is reset, Beliebers site shouted “We want Bieber!” – ( “We want Bieber!” ), and were soon answered when the site was taken over by screams as the idol floated the gym hanging on their wings.

Justin sang several of their hits from the album “Believe” , including other hits from their first album, like “One Time” , “Somebody To Love” , “Eenie Meenie” , “Never Say Never” , and as expected, traditional ‘ One Less Lonely Girl ” . In the acoustic part of the show, after perform the songs “Be Alright” and “Fall” , Bieber took to remember old times and played a music Tubules “You Got It Bad” from his mentor Usher . Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NY

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NYJustin Bieber performed his 119th show Believe Tour  in Brooklyn, New York . With performances of songs, playing drums, guitar, piano or dancing, Justin sang and thrilled the crowd with some of his earliest and many of today’s hit songs from his album, ” Believe . “

The Canadian singer is in town for a few days, took his successful world tour back on stage Barclays Center and made an unforgettable show for more than 20 thousand people thronging the capacity limit of the site. Check details of this show brought together by our team: Watch The video!

justin bieber never say never

WATCH LIVE: Justin Bieber MTV Premiere Never Say Never!

justin bieber never say neverThe MTV U.S. will display a special heating to launch TV Movie 2011 Justin Bieber , “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” . The movie will air on Sunday (04), was released two years ago, but the special ‘Bieber O’Clock’ bring controversial subjects and will clear up rumors by Justin himself, relatives, staff and friends.

The special will not show on all TV channel rather then MTV, so the only option is to watch online. The JBM players will be providing live here on this post so you do not miss any detail and we will be posting updates on our statements of Justin Twitter @TheJBMusic . Watch Live!

Justin Bieber exclusive mtv

Why Justin Bieber Hates Shirts? He will larify the controversial ‘Bieber O’Clock’ on MTV

Justin Bieber exclusive mtvThe MTV in the United States will be exhibiting a special 24 hour titled “Bieber O’Clock” (Time Bieber), where the singer himself and those close to it. As his friend Ryan Butler , his mother, Pattie Mallette , his manager Scooter Braun and others close and important in the singer’s career, including his Beliebers , will be appearing and participating in this special is a countdown to the televising of his film 2011 “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” which will appear on Sunday (04) on MTV.

The “Bieber O’Clock” promises to clarify rumors about Justin have spit on their fans, the fact that the singer is always shirtless and many other controversial issues, clarified by Justin himself. To launch the special, Justin recorded a teaser you can see below, along with more details: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Show Ottawa

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Show in Scotiabank Place in Kanata, Ottawa

Justin Bieber Show OttawaJustin Bieber took the Believe Tour to the Canadian city of Kanata, Ottawa. The show featured performances opening Cody Simpson and the band Hot Chelle Rae .

The star held a concert exciting and full of music, dance and visual effects in its 113th presentation since the tour began. With the Scotiabank Place in its maximum capacity, Justin performed it some of his early successes and also present, since “One Time”   and the acoustic“Be Alright”   and “Fall” , to the danceable “Love Me Like You Do” and “Out Of Town Girl” . Like a good Canadian, Bieber also set aside a time to honor his country, when he sang the anthem, “O Canada” and then concluded, “I’m proud to be Canadian!”

Separate the key moments of the show, recorded by fans and also professional videos of the performances of Justin. Check out: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Believe tour Chicago

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Believe tour in United Center in Chicago!

Justin Bieber Believe tour ChicagoJustin Bieber performed his 105th show with the Believe Tour , which passed through the city of Chicago. The  United Center was at capacity during the sold-out show, Bieber commented that it was “one of the best” of his life. Check out the details of the show, in videos separated by our team: Watch The video!

Justin Bieber in Omaha Nebraska

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Incredible Show in Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska!

Justin Bieber in Omaha NebraskaOn this Saturday night (06), the city of Omaha , Nebraska, was an incredible show of Justin Bieber , who sang for more than 18,000 people who packed the CenturyLink Center , to check the Believe Tour .

The tour that included opening shows the band Hot Chelle Rae and singer Mike Posner, also brought some new, perhaps temporary, in wardrobe for Justin, who left the look less formal the first songs of the show, entering its wings, but good a cap and black T-shirt and pants folded, wearing a costume or all black instead of the traditional white for “Catching Feelings”.

Justin also recalled the old days, singing excerpts from “U Smile” , “Favorite Girl” and “Omaha Mall” . The song “Omaha Mall” was a joke made ​​in 2010 by Justin, Kenny Hamilton and Ryan Good shopping at Westroads, when he was in Omaha. At the time that music fell on the web, did try to hit that Justin decided to record it in the studio.

Check out videos separated by our staff, with some of the key moments from the show: Watch The Video!

justin bieber st petesburg russia

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert in St. Petersburg, Russia!

justin bieber st petesburg russiaSunday night (28), Justin Bieber performed a concert over the Believe Tour in St. Petersburg, Russia. Bieber rocked a crowd of over 15,000 people in the sold-out show. Check out more details of the big night the videos: Watch The Videos!

justin bieber concert finland

VIDEO: Justin Bieber performs concert in Helsinki, Finland

justin bieber concert finlandOn the evening of Friday (26) it was time for yet another country get the Believe Tour and feel a bit of hysteria of Bieber Fever. Fans waited anxiously in front of the hotel where Justin was staying, and ended up breaking one of the guardrails.

Justin Bieber showed up in Finland, at Hartwall Arena , and gave the audience a show full of dance, music and emotion, so that the Finnish fans keep in their memories. Check out videos of the presentation: Watch The Video!