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VIDEO: Selena Gomez Followed Justin Bieber To Oslo, Norway! Back Together?

justin bieber selena gomez osloSelena was spotted getting off a plane at the airport in Oslo, Norway last night … just about the time Justin was getting ready to hit the stage.

There’s no word on why she’s there — but if it is to see Justin, this would not be their first reunion since their split earlier this year.

According to USweekly, Selena Gomez was waiting backstage for Justin to finish his show in Oslo on April 18.

When Bieber left the stage that night, Gomez was waiting backstage. They have a crazy connection. They just can’t seem to break their connection. It can be intense.

Are they getting back together? Watch The Video!!

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Justin Bieber Gets Certification Plaque from Universal Music Group in Norway

justin bieber universal music norwayJustin Bieber  shared another victory of the successful sales of four of their albums, this time in Norway. The singer received a certificate for the number of sales of copies of  Believe Acoustic (2013) ,  Under The Mistletoe (2011) ,  My World 2.0 (2010)  and Believe (2012) .

“Just got this! Thank Norway. Would an incredible show tonight”

It was released a new photo of Justin alongside representatives from the label Universal Music Norway. Check out the photo and more details: Continue reading

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I always dreamed about it: “One Less Lonely Girl” account details of the moment with Justin Bieber in the 1st concert Oslo, Norway

one less lonely girl Oslo NorwayOn the evening of Tuesday (16), a big dream became reality for Lina Taha 17 years, during the show’s Believe Tour in Oslo, Norway.

When production of the Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber had to choose a girl to take the stage, the choice was a Belieber 17 years of age.

“I have no words. It was absolutely amazing, “ praises Lena Taha. ” I always dreamed of being a OLLG, and tried to imagine what it was like. And it was absolutely amazing. ” Watch The OLLG Video!

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber performs in Telenor Arena, in Oslo, Norway

justin bieber Oslo NorwayOn the evening of Tuesday (16),  Justin Bieber  performed the first three shows of the  Believe Tour  in Telenor Arena, in Oslo, Norway. 

The country of Beliebers who were known for their euphoria after the city was in a state of emergency in the 1st visit of the star in 2012, Justin received with the same euphoria, answered with deafening screams, and a sold out show. Watch The Video!

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Bieber Fever: Norway Schools Rescheduled Exams So Students Can Attend Justin Bieber Concert

justin bieber oslo concertFive schools in western Norway have rescheduled their midterm exams to allow students to attend upcoming Justin Bieber concerts in the capital, the country’s Ministry of Education and Research said.

Justin is scheduled to perform in the Norwegian capital on April 16 and 17 — stoking fears that some students in remote schools will skip midterm exams scheduled to take place at the same time.

To accommodate this Bieber-Fever, five schools have rescheduled exams. Checkout Video: Justin Bieber is Surrounded by Crazy Bieber Fans in Oslo Norway!

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

This video is made for Justin Bieber to see and to visit countries he’s never been to.
Every country in this world has Beliebers, don’t forget any of them! Beliebers gather, make parades and flashmobs in hope of getting Justin to perform in their countries. Only a few countries are in this video, there are of course more. Continue reading

49 fans Injured, Norway Mayor Launches Justin Bieber Gig Investigation

Norwegian authorities have launched an investigation after dozens of fans were hurt in chaotic scenes at a Justin Bieber gig on Wednesday (30May12).

Officials confirmed 49 fans were injured and 14 were taken by ambulance to hospital after thousands of excited devotees descended on Oslo to see the Biebs perform a surprise concert at the Opera House.

According to Tmz.com, Mayor Fabian Stang has now initiated an investigation to determine how the situation spun out of control.

Mayor says: “I have already called on the Emergency Planning Agency to examine the entire event from the planning stage to its implementation. We have to find out what went wrong and why it happened.”

Local police were on the verge of declaring a state of emergency before the free show, and reached out to Bieber to help them keep the peace.

Justin took to his Twitter to urge fans to remain calm, writing: “Norway – please listen to the police. I dont want anyone getting hurt. I want everything to go to plan but your safety must come first.”

The concert went ahead as planned despite crowd control concerns – Justin performed his hit Baby and other songs from his album Believe such as Be Alright and All Around The World.

Justin Bieber Concerned Over Fans’ Safety In Norway. POLICE Threaten State of Emergency!


Beliebers and the Police!

The police in Norway are on the verge of declaring a state of emergency in Oslo, Norway after tens of thousands of unruly Justin Bieber fans overran the city — and now, they’re begging Justin for help, reports TMZ.com

Fans waiting for Justin’s performance

Justin’s scheduled to perform 4 new songs tonight outside Oslo’s famed opera house as part of his “Around the World” TV special — and the crazed Bieber fans from all over Europe have descended on the city for the event.

Beliebers at OSLO Opera Hause

The crowds have swelled to such overwhelming numbers, the police lost control — and are pleading with Justin to take the stage early … before all hell breaks loose.

Justin’s aware of the situation — he tweeted:

“…for the show to happen u must all listen to the police. we are all concerned for your safety and i want what is best for u. please listen.”