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jusin bieber with panda atlanta zoo

Justin Bieber Had A Conversation With A Panda At The Atlanta Zoo

jusin bieber with panda atlanta zooJustin Bieber is taking his potential move to Atlanta seriously. And that means the sights and tourist attractions, because of course, it will go unnoticed. Bieber is just acting like a normal couple. You know, having conversations with panda bears at the zoo and make fans feel the smell of marijuana.  ‘s just another day in the life of Bieber.

Taylor Panter , who is from ATL, told CB! His mother took the brothers of 10 and 11 years of age at Zoo Atlanta when visitors noticed the pop star and his entourage of 10 people arrived at the site to see the loveable creatures.

“He came to the panda exhibit just before closing and was acting very strange according to my mother,” said Panter. “He came in and went to the panda as the panda would respond. He said things like, ‘I know you heard my music’ and ‘Wake panda. I know you want to take a picture with me. ‘ He continued to have strange conversations with the panda. ” Continue reading