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justin bieber party

Justin Bieber can not get enough of partying and girls!

justin bieber partyJustin Bieber  recently landed in Argentina, in continuity with his ​​world tour” Believe ”. The Canadian is performing in the country, with a total of 3 shows that promise to thrill, as well as more performances by singer South America As usual in other regions of the world, the media is eyeing Bieber, nobody wants lose sight of a step if you want the 19 year old kid. Check out about alleged details of Justin to the country.

The young Canadian singer Justin Bieber, enjoyed the night of Buenos Aires and went through several night clubs, where he met several young and was escorted to the luxurious hotel where you are staying. Continue reading

Justin Bieber white party beta nightclub in denver

VIDEO: Justin Bieber at All White Party at Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado

Justin Bieber white party beta nightclub in denverAfter enjoying the concert of rock band Phish, alongside his friend and guitarist, Dan Kanter, Justin Bieber went straight to the White Party 2013, a party very famous in Denver, Colorado and was photographed dancing without shirt in place.

Beta Nightclub tweeted at Justin Bieber at around 4 a.m. thanking him for coming to the party. The tweet was in response to one of Justin’s tweet on Sunday afternoon that says “Where Am I?” Watch The Video!