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justin bieber walk of fame Philippines

Justin Bieber Is Honored On Walk Of Fame Philippines

justin bieber walk of fameFor memorable and meaningful for thousands of survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, who made ​​ravaged the Philippines in October 2013, Justin Bieber was honored at the Eastwood City Walk of Fame or Hall of Fame, Philippines.

In 2013, Justin spared no effort and used his power of influence to raise funds to help rebuild the country, and beyond graffiti in the cause, auctioning materials and photos, Justin went even further and with their dedication and their fans, grossed more than $3 million to the campaign #GiveBackPhilippines , in a fund managed by Prizeo, which was passed on to the institutions responsible for assisting victims. Support was finished with his visit to the country on December 10, 2013, which was another way to draw world attention to the needs of the country at that time. Continue reading

justin bieber Typhoon

Justin Bieber And Beliebers Collect More Than $3 Million To Victims Of Typhoon In Philippines

justin bieber TyphoonJustin Bieber was in the Philippines providing support to victims of Typhoon Yolanda . The Canadian made ​​sure to go to the location and did everything in his power to help in some way those who had lost everything.

At the time Bieber used his tremendous influence in social networks to conduct a campaign fundraiser in partnership with Prizeo , for victims of Yolanda, which was titled #GiveBackPhilippines. With its generous attitude of going to the site and do a show bringing joy to Filipinos, the star managed to touch many people and raised a tidy sum to help them even more.

Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun , revealed through their account on the microblogging site Twitter that more than $3 million has been raised by the singer and his massive army of Beliebers. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber & Scooter Braun Interview on visit to the Philippines

justin bieber scooter braun philippinesDuring its passage through the exciting city of Tacloban , Philippines, Justin Bieber had the opportunity to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan through its #GiveBackPhilippines, project being a success. During their passage through the country, the Canadian singer gave an interview to Showbiz Police program called the local television channel TV5. Check out the full interview with Justin and his manager Scooter Braun: Watch The Video!

justin bieber donate philippines

Justin Bieber donates $500,000 for the Philam Foundation in the Philippines

justin bieber donate philippinesOn his arrival in Manila, the Philippine capital on the morning of Tuesday (10), Justin Bieber met with some executives involved in the campaign to help survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, which devastated the country in November. Besides visiting the city to hold a concert, distribute clothes and toys, the singer was also taking a check for $500,000, which raised the campaign in partnership with Prizeo , UNICEF and  Action Against Hunger, and gave the value for the Philam Foundation , an institution that is managing the donations of Bieber campaign in the country.

Above a photo of the star, when he delivered the check that will help thousands of survivors of Typhoon Yolanda and  official release issued by Philam Foundation about partnering with Justin, with reviews of the star on the campaign: Watch The Video!


‘He brought a lot of joy and hope, “says UNICEF on Justin Bieber visit to the Philippines

justin-bieber-visit-PhilippinesThe Canadian and his team made ​​a quick pass by Tacloban city most affected by the typhoon and managed to make a difference bringing hope to victims to visit some temporary shelters, where the singer gave a presentation and even joked with young children. Besides the tour, Justin still managed to raise over $600,000 U.S. dollars to help those who lost everything due to the Yolanda .

The teen heartthrob Justin Bieber visited young victims of typhoon Yolanda on Tuesday, traveling to the Philippines after launching a global campaign to help those affected by the deadly storm.

Bieber left Australia and flew to Tacloban, the devastated capital of the central province of Leyte , where he handed out t-shirts, toys and basketballs for the kids.

The star of 19 years visited an elementary school in Tacloban, being used as accommodation despite being badly damaged by the typhoon last month that left nearly 6,000 dead, more than 1,700 missing and devastated entire towns and villages of central the Philippines. Continue reading

justin bieber show for typhoon victims

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber visits and show for typhoon victims in the Philippines

justin bieber show for typhoon victimsJustin Bieber strives to help charities and humanitarian causes, and has recently been lending its support of all forms to raise funds for typhoon victims Yolanda, devastated and made ​​millions of victims in the Philippines. In addition to its efforts with the campaign in partnership with Prizeo, which has grossed more than $600 thousand dollars, the Canadian star of 19 years found a way to still ask for more attention to supporting victims of Typhoon Yolanda and on Tuesday (10), landed in the capital Manila , to show your support closely, with a benefit concert at a community school in the city of Tacloban .

According to Justin, the visit and presentation was also a special way to end the Believe tour, and the singer could not find a more beautiful way to reciprocate with their sensitivity and generosity to the needy. Check out photos, videos and all the details of the first hour of the star in the country Checkout Gallery + Video!

Justin Bieber Give Back Philippines

Justin Bieber campaign to help the Philippines raises more than $400,000 in 24 hours!

Justin Bieber Give Back PhilippinesJust one day after the announcement of the campaign Justin Bieber  in partnership with Prizeo, which seeks to help the victims of the tragedy in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, the number of donations supporting the cause has reached more than $ 400,000, almost half the desired goal, which is 1 million dollars.

Justin Bieber, like many, were proud of the success of donations and retweet on his Twitter account the message from his manager, Scooter Braun : Continue reading

Justin Bieber Raising Money for the philippines

Win Studio Hangout with Justin Bieber support Typhoon Haiyan relief, Philippines

Justin Bieber Raising Money for the philippinesJustin Bieber giving everyone a chance to enter to win a hang out at the studio with him to watch him record new music! It’s really awesome and we want to make sure all of the Beliebers know about it!

Help Justin Bieber raise money for the Philippines and you can win a chance to come & hangout in the studio with him. Watch The Video!

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

This video is made for Justin Bieber to see and to visit countries he’s never been to.
Every country in this world has Beliebers, don’t forget any of them! Beliebers gather, make parades and flashmobs in hope of getting Justin to perform in their countries. Only a few countries are in this video, there are of course more. Continue reading