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Pixie Lott: Justin Bieber Gushed About ‘Beautiful & Elegant’ Selena Gomez

pixie lott bieber selenaJustin Bieber might seem to have a different girl hanging off his arm every other night, but it sounds as if he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, according to fellow singer Pixie Lott.

The British singer bumped into JB while holidaying in the south of France early this year, where they talked about their love for Selena.

Pixie said that Justin was gushing over how “beautiful” Selena is.

She told The Metro:

When I was in the South of France I bumped into Justin Bieber and we were both talking about how elegant and beautiful [Selena] is.

I think she is so lovely and beautiful. She is really talented.

Selena recorded a song I had written [We Own the Night] and she left my parts in on the middle eight so it ended up being Selena Gomez featuring Pixie Lott.

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‘I Am Sorry For Justin Bieber': Pixie Lott Defends The Singer Of Negativity And Criticism Of Media

Justin Bieber Pixie LottDuring an interview with Mirror the singer, Pixie Lott quoted Justin Bieber and harassment that the singer suffers from the media as well as the focus on each step of the star and constant criticism every time it makes a mistake. Check out what 23 Years old  English singer commented: Continue reading