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miami judge favor justin bieber

Miami Judge Decides In Favor Of Privacy In The Release Of Justin Bieber Videos In Prison

miami judge favor justin bieberAs predicted the hearing that would decide the outcome of the case of videos of Justin Bieber in prison. As previously reported here in JB Musicx , Bieber’s lawyers have filed a lawsuit asking the retention of excerpts from 10 hours of recording time Canadian superstar in prison for several tests, on January 23 in Miami, as a prevention measure, after the first video of the singer being searched was released.

On the other hand, several media outlets, thirsting for the audience that overexposure would bring in videos of Justin, filed a lawsuit for the right to press access to public records, but based on the law of the right to privacy as provided in the Florida Constitution , Judge William Altfield decided in favor of Bieber and determined that the videos showing the star in situations of nudity or urinating will be released, but will be edited or blurred, and only images that do not constrain the singer will be released in full right of press access. Check out the video of the hearing with the decision and the site reports CBS Miami on the outcome of the case: Watch The Video!

justin bieber chantel jeffries

Video: ‘We’re Friends’ Chantel Jeffries Speaks In Prison, Drug Use And More About Justin Bieber

justin bieber chantel jeffriesDuring an interview with E! News, the model Chantel Jeffries opened up about the level of relationship you have with Justin Bieber, belying rumors and declaring that she and the Canadian superstar are just friends. Moreover, Chantel also commented on reports of drug use and lack of part of the singer and his reaction to get out of prison on January 23 in Miami. The model who was with the singer shortly before her arrest in Miami and later traveled to Panama with him, Terrence Jenkins said she “has not dated” Bieber, although it seems that they were too close together on several occasions. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber searched in prison

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Being Searched During Arrest In Miami Are Disclosed

Justin Bieber searched in prisonJustin Bieber was the focus of headlines and comments worldwide, after he was arrested in Miami Beach , while driving through the city streets, along with his colleague, Khalil. Days after the incident that cost the singer a fine of $ 2,500 dollars and three charges (driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with a portfolio of unsuccessful qualification), nowreleased the exclusive video with images of the moment when the singer was searched inside the prison.  Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Released from Jail

Video: Justin Bieber Leaves The Prison And Waves To Fans In Miami

Justin Bieber Released from JailJustin Bieber was released on bail by $2500 after being arrested in Miami, driving at high speed and under the influence of drugs in the early hours of Thursday (23). When released the singer left prison Turner Guilford Knight Correctional waving to fans on the site and was accompanied by his father Jeremy Bieber and friends that the release of the 19-year prison were waiting. Check out video of Justin leaving the site: Watch The Video!

justin bieber

After posing as Justin Bieber, Peruvian pedophile is sentenced to 5 years in prison

justin bieberAt the beginning of this year, a pedophile was seized by Peruvian impersonate the singer Justin Bieber on various social networks such as Skype and Facebook. Raul Vega Terrones promised concert tickets to fans and in return the girls would have to send inappropriate pictures, a real case grooming children. According to an article published on WAPA , Vega was sentenced to five years in prison. Continue reading