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VIDEO: Chris Pratt Disses Justin Bieber: ‘How embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom’

justin bieber chris prattActor Chris Pratt is currently enjoying a huge wave of publicity following the runaway success of his new film Guardians of the Galaxy that is topping box offices around the world.

When asked about the recent scuffle between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, and the actor expressed a sarcastic sympathy with Justin.

“How embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom! Like, of all the people you get punched by, it’s Orlando Bloom?” he said.

Having initially thought it was David Hasselh off who threw the punch at JB, Chris joked “I’d rather get farted on by David Hasselhoff than punched by Orlando Bloom.”

Watch video below:

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Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Argument About Ex-Wife Miranda Kerr At A Restaurant in Ibiza, Spain

Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber and British actor Orlando Bloom had a fight, tried to punch  Justin in Ibiza in Spain where the singer embarked for a few days vacation. The reason for the fight was not yet clear, but rumors point that Bieber and Orlando had some unfinished business because the actor was seen with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez earlier this year and Justin also met with the former girlfriend of Orlando, the Model Miranda Kerr, during the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” in 2012. After the fight, Justin posted a picture of Miranda and typed in the caption, “♛” , the photo was deleted moments later and hours later posted again with the same caption. Clearly trying to further irritate the situation then, a photo of Miranda Kerr in a swimsuit and a symbol of a crown like legend.Justin posted picture of Miranda KerrCheck out the video:

Orlando was at Cipriani restaurant, which was packed with even celebrities including Paris Hilton and Daddy, according to witness reports of “TMZ.” You can see Orlando pushing and witnesses claim that when Bieber left the scene bystanders cheered.

Justin-Bieber-posted-photo-crying-ollando-bloomJustin Bieber posted this image of a crying Orlando Bloom on Wednesday, just after an altercation with the actor outside Cipriana restaurant in Ibiza, Spain; it is widely believed the two don’t get along because the 20-year-song got too close to the 37-year-old actor’s wife Miranda Kerr.

The source told us : “Justin was being friendly, and everything was fine But then, Orlando was angry when he saw it was Justin and went to Justin punches..”

“Justin dodged and escaped the blow of Orlando.”

“Within seconds people interfered and there was a pushing and shoving between their entourages.”

“They were eventually separated and Justin, who was being friendly, was for some time outside the restaurant without incident.”

.In recent years, it has been reported that Kerr had been seen on a date with Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012.

justin miranda orlando bloom selenaAnd Bloom also has links with the ex Bieber, Selena Gomez; in April, they were seen partying together at the Forum in Los Angeles.

Orlando after having tried his alleged punch, the singer – who was arrested for DUI in Miami earlier this year – “left the restaurant,” according to the site.

Check out a video with the exact moment that Orlando Bloom Justin punches, while the singer walks off guard at the restaurant, but fortunately the security of Orlando Bieber contained and prevented aggression:

Justin Bieber Is Also Filmed While Leaving The Restaurant ‘Cipriani’ In Spain:

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Model: Justin Bieber was ‘naughty’ backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

justin bieber punched blake

Story That Justin Bieber Punched Blake Griffin Is False

justin bieber punched blakeDays after a rumor about Justin Bieber have been punched in the face, the basketball player Blake Griffin , after a disagreement at Starbucks, besides being false, it was a joke of a site satires, yes, those who create news sites false in journalistic tone, but many unsuspecting believed the rumor and the same has become viral.

On Monday, a series of sports blogs reported that Griffin “punched face” Bieber after the star refused to put a shirt inside a coffee shop in West Hollywood.

An employee of Starbucks would have said: “He went shirtless and with the low pants with underwear showing and ordered a coffee caramel apple. I told him to put his shirt if he wanted to be served. ” Continue reading