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Chris Brown Wants To Meet Justin Bieber, When Chris Out Of Rehab

justin bieber chris brownJustin Bieber has always shown admiration for Chris Brown, from the days when he did covers, among them on Youtube. Justin and Chris are good friends and have even making collaborations. The American rapper is going through a period in rehab But sources say he can not wait to meet Justin so they’re free. HL gave some details about the future meeting of the singers.

Chris can not wait to hang out with his old friend Justin once he is released from rehab for two months. Then he gives a friendly greeting Bieber, Chris is planning to show him who’s boss on the basketball court, a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Apparently, Chris Brown does not think he’s going to prison after he completed his two months in rehabilitation. In fact, he is already making plans for a basketball game with Justin Bieber after he left, HL is reporting.

Chris, 24, and Justin, 20, are brothers from a different mother. They have a lot, and we mean a lot in common, and one of those things is his love for the game of basketball.

Chris is currently in rehab problems controlling their anger and Justin is hiding behind his recent run-ins with the law, but the two singers plan to meet again soon and let all his emotions on the court.

“It’s been a minute and they will talk” , a source close to Chris revealed to HL “He [Chris] want to give him a hug, then play some basketball. Bieber is good people and they will join soon, when the schedule permits ” .

It’s great that the two have managed to stay so close. Hopefully Chris has some words of wisdom to Bieber after the artist completed his second stint in rehab.

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Justin Bieber Team Expects Him To Go To Rehab But Charges In Miami Were Not So Serious

justin bieber go to rehabThe fact that Justin Bieber was arrested during the early hours of Thursday (23), became the agenda among various media. Many began to question the physical and mental state of the singer of 19 years old, and comment on a possible admission to a rehabilitation clinic that could help him recover.

Based on the “TMZ” stating that Justin does not rule out the idea of ​​a treatment, and that his team supports you in that decision. Teams of Justin Bieber are asking him to come back to Los Angeles, and then they can sit with him and convince him to do a therapy immediately. Continue reading

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Canadian Radio Refuses To Play Justin Bieber Songs Till Go To Rehab!

Justin Bieber rehabA Canadian radio station, Hot 89.9 FM , began a campaign he believes will work and help draw the attention of Justin Bieber . The Ottawa radio refused to play any music singer, until he goes to rehab.

Yes, the singer is banned from Hot 89.9 , until it takes radical action to change their behavior which has caused controversy and resulted in his arrest on Thursday (23). Bieber even after his release, the Hot 89.9 believe that the only solution is the singer go to rehab. Continue reading