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Justin Bieber Is Cleared Of Charges Of Smoking And Disrespecting Crew During Flight

Justin Bieber Is Cleared Of Charges Of Smoking And Disrespecting Crew During Flight

Justin Bieber Is Cleared Of Charges Of Smoking And Disrespecting Crew During FlightJustin Bieber name linked to many controversial cases and constantly have to deal with numerous complaints about his attitudes, and they are not always true. In January this year, the singer was accused of disturbing the crew of an airplane for smoking marijuana with members of his entourage for a flight to Airport Teterboro , New Jersey, but according to a report E! News, the Canadian star was acquitted after the investigations made ​​by the Federal Aviation Administration .

Sometimes with Justin Bieber seems that when a door of the law closes another opens. But maybe that causes a chain reaction, closing the same ports.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed in an exclusive statement to E! News ended its investigation into what happened on private jet Bieber when he and his entourage were flying to New Jersey for the Super Bowl earlier this year.

The Canadian star and his entourage were arrested at Teterboro Airport and later CNN reported that an investigation was underway to find out if mistreated passengers and the flight crew were smoking so much marijuana that pilots needed oxygen masks. Authorities had searched for drugs on the plane, but it was empty.

“The FAA has closed its investigation into allegations that passengers interfered with the crew during a flight on a Gulfstream G-IV aircraft that landed at Teterboro Airport on Friday, January 31, 2014″ , said the statement obtained by E! News on Thursday. “FAA found no evidence that passengers violated Federal Aviation Regulations.”

So that’s it.

Bieber was again detained by U.S. Customs upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport in April, when he was returning from Tokyo. He was released after about four hours and was reported at the time that Bieber should expect (if not always have) a similar treatment every time he try to enter the United States, according to their various run-ins with the law in various countries.

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‘Do Not Ask Me If I Smoke,’ Justin Bieber Poses On With Cigarette In Mouth

Justin Bieber updated his account in the app Instagram with a photo in which appears with a cigarette in his mouth. The singer of 20 years has generated not only a huge uproar among its more than 14 million followers with the publication, but also new media speculation on the social networks which again questioned the rebellious side of Bieber. 

The star explained that the photo was inspired by American actor James Dean , who made ​​a huge success in the 50s and is considered an icon of rebellion at the time, and he want to not be asked about cigarette use, as he do not smoke. Check the photo and its caption thereof by clicking the thumbnail below:

justin bieber smoking cigarettes

“It is inspired by James Dean. Do not ask me if I smoke because I do not smoke”

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justin bieber cuban cigar

Instagram: Justin Bieber Publishes Cuban Cigar Smoking Photo

justin bieber cuban cigarJustin Bieber updated your account in the app Instagram and new photo appears the singer smoking a Cuban cigar. In the picture caption, Bieber makes clear that loves cigars from Cuba. Justin bieber also previously poses with cigar in MTV magazine cover.

The singer captioned the controversial photograph: ‘I’m in Cuba I love Cubans.’ Continue reading

justin bieber dumping bong water

Who’s Dumping Bong Water Out of Justin Bieber’s Van?

justin bieber dumping bong waterJustin Bieber new rumor story that someone was pouring water from a bong out of Justin Bieber’s van on the streets of Calabasas, California yesterday.

It’s unclear WHOSE HAND is attached to the bong … but we do know it’s Bieber’s ride. He’s been toolin’ around L.A. in the pimped out Mercedes party van all week long tmz reported.

TMZ: We’re also told the van was en route to Jim Henson Studios … and later that day, JB snapped a photo of himself inside a record studio. Continue reading

justin bieber smoking scandal

Justin Bieber Smoking Scandal: Betrayed by a Friend for Money!

justin bieber smoking scandalJustin Bieber Smoking comes out to be a scandal, Bieber insisted the incident was a mistake and, following an investigation, Justin wasn’t even on the floor in question, it was actually coming from another star’s room. and feels betrayed by someone who sold these pictures for $25,000 who he thought was a friend, reports New York Post. Continue reading