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Justin Bieber Lamborghini

Company Rented Lamborghini To Justin Bieber Reveals The Singer Did Not Exceed The Speed

Justin Bieber LamborghiniAs the investigations of the case that led to the arrest of Justin Bieber on Thursday (23) inches, more evidence in favor of the singer arise. After an alleged error in the results of blood alcohol tests Bieber, the lieutenant involved in the case stated that the singer actually had a little alcohol in the blood, but what was that committed the same is under the influence of drugs (marijuana and controlled pills medication). Nevertheless, the alleged error in the level of blood alcohol testing Bieber can be a positive gap for their lawyers to defend the case.

Now, other important information can change the course of further charges against Bieber. Despite the police who stopped Bieber ensure that the singer was driving over the legal limit, the company that Bieber rented yellow Lamborghini revealed to CNN that the GPS is installed in the vehicle, pointed out that the Canadian star has not passed the 55km per hour on any time. Check out the raw CNN with more of the case that has not been terminated and that a new date has yet to be disclosed, for Justin to appear again in court: Continue reading