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Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million to Appear in Strip Club TV Commercial Ads

Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million to Appear in Strip Club TV Commercial Ads

Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million to Appear in Strip Club TV Commercial AdsThe Hustler strip club which is currently headed by Larry Flynt offered $1 million dollars for the singer Justin Bieber do a TV commercial ad for its network of clubs in the world. Justin isn’t even 21 yet. But he has been offered $1 million to appear in TV commercials for a chain of strip clubs.The stories are taken from a letter by David Lieberman, director of marketing, where he claims that Justin would appear that kissing a woman reported daily news.

A letter taken by marketing director, was announced David Lieberman , who allegedly made ​​a bizarre proposal for a TV commercial involving Bieber passionately kissing a woman in a bikini American flag. Bieber would then say to the camera: “Stay here in the good old United States of America” ​​and “Keep the lap dances around when you turn 21.”

In the leaked letter, marketing director David Lieberman suggests Justin kisses a bikini-clad lap dancer in a possible commercial, as well as appearing in another advert promoting the U.K. Hustler Club, with a girl wearing a skimpy Union Jack outfit. As well as a $1 million payday, club bosses have promised to throw Justin a 21st birthday party, alongside his father, Jeremy Bieber.

Lieberman wrote: “There is a tradition that is honored some time in our great country, where parents take their children to the strip clubs when they turn 21 years to learn what it means to be a true man, and Justin can set a shining example addition, this transition from exclusively American. Though we know that Justin is Canadian.

It also has a warning about Charlie Sheen, who is next on the list if not accepted Bieber. The letter states ominously, “I’m sure I do not have to tell you that this could be a great offer, nor will he ever receive it.”

Justin turns 21 next March.

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justin bieber strip night club party

Video: Justin Bieber Spend $75k Dollars In A Strip Club In Miami!

justin bieber strip night club partyJustin Bieber was enjoying the Miami night. The singer was filmed at the nightclub Mansion and according to a representative of the local, Canadian superstar has spent about $75 thousand dollars in stripe club,  King of Diamonds .

Check out the video of Justin walking out the door of the nightclub Mansion and meeting several fans, beyond the material published by TMZ , with details of the night of fun of the singer. Justin flew from Colorado to Miami – where he was spotted entering the nightclub Mansion.

A few hours later, he went to King of Diamonds … We believe that for the birthday party Lil Scrappy. A representative confirmed to TMZ … Justin spent $75,000 in dollar bills. Watch The Video!