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Justin Bieber Carmen Ortega

‘Surrounded By Bad Influences & Blame Selena Gomez’ Carmen Ortega On Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Carmen OrtegaIn a new interview this week the Mail Online , the model and stripper Carmen Ortega , who met Justin Bieber at one of his stints in clubs in the United States, said his views on the current turbulent phase of the singer and that he lives surrounded by “bad influences”. Carmen also highlighted its concern with Justin, still not convinced that he is right.

She saw his world closely, and when the friend of Justin Bieber , Carmen Ortega was in Orange County on Wednesday, its concern with the star was engraved on his face.

The model 30-year-old told the Mail Online that fears that Bieber “may end up dead” .

Carmen says that some of Justin’s friends that are leading him astray and are “a bad influence” . And the sexy brunette hinted that the saga of Justin is even worse than people think.

“It was horrible to see, I feel he has good people around him” , said Carmen. “I fear for him, of course, if he does not make the right choices, this can lead to bad things he” . Continue reading

justin bieber Explicit Fake Image

Explicit Image Of Justin Bieber And Khalil With A Stripper is Fake!

justin bieber Explicit Fake ImagePreviously TMZ has released a picture of Justin Bieber caught on camera with explicit image with friend Khalil Sharieff. But after investigating photo turned out to be fake. As you can judge:

Case 1: The guy in the imahe is actually Lil Za, not Justin. That “GG$” is Lil ZA’s shirt. The same shirt he wore when he was arrested weeks ago over coccain possession. Checkout Fake Pic Case-2!

justin bieber Explicit Image

Tmz Publishes Explicit Image Of Justin Bieber And Khalil With A Stripper

justin bieber Explicit ImageTMZ released an explicit photo of Justin Bieber next to a stripper with her ​​friend, Khalil Sharieff some time ago at a party in Los Angeles . In the image, Bieber appears in an intimate moment with the stripper.

The photo shows both of them at a recent party. According to TMZ, the stripper, who had fake pic with them and a classy rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo, was hired to “perform” for Justin and his friends at an L.A. recording studio. Continue reading