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‘He Does Many Good Things As Well’ Susan Tremblett Justin Bieber’s Visit To Kayla

Justin bieber susan tremblettJustin Bieber has been tried in an attempt to massacre much of the sensationalist media to create rumors and distorts some controversial issues which the singer has been involved. On one side, Bieber has his fans, not supporting their mistakes, but ready to help to overcome them and other media and haters who always expected to live this moment, where Bieber would fail and are just doing what they already was expected, attacking, condemning and judging each attitude of the singer.

Although it is unclear the purpose of so much criticism and people willing (and often unrelated to the actual facts), to mercilessly attack the Canadian superstar, fortunately, some people, famous and anonymous, but who had positive experiences with Justin still treat the issue as it would treat any human person who has the right to learn from their mistakes, even growing in the eyes of the world.One is Susan Tremblett that even the request for Bieber to keep their experience secret, became public share a good recent experience he had with the star and her daughter, Kayla , one childhood friend Justin who passed away in late 2013 but days before, had one of his last moments of greatest happiness beside the Canadian singer who attacks both the media and prioritizes the reporting rumors and controversies about the same extend. Continue reading