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VIDEO: Beliebers Gone Wild, Knocking Justin Bieber Bus in Zurich, Switzerland

fans gone wild beliebersJustin Bieber released a new video on his account application Viddy. The recording was made ​​during the passage of the singer for Zurich, Switzerland, to one of their concerts of the Believe Tour in March.

In the video, Justin is inside her tour bus and shows the number of fans who are surrounding the vehicle from the outside, preventing the passage of the same. Check out: Watch The Video!

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

This video is made for Justin Bieber to see and to visit countries he’s never been to.
Every country in this world has Beliebers, don’t forget any of them! Beliebers gather, make parades and flashmobs in hope of getting Justin to perform in their countries. Only a few countries are in this video, there are of course more. Continue reading