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‘He’s A Boy And Needs Parental Supervision’ Rosie O’donnell About Justin Bieber

justin bieber rosie odonnellThe comedian, actress and singer Rosie O’Donnell , returned to the box presenting the U.S. show, The View, after a break of seven years and like most celebrities who has been interviewed by the world, O’Donnell has not escaped to be asked about the current phase in the career of controversy, Justin Bieber.

“He’s a boy, right? How old is he? Ah, 20? I thought he was 18. Okay, he has 20. But here’s a question: Fame is a tidal wave. he drags you away. I think until you have experienced it, you have no idea what is. And even after 15  years and the most famous boy in the world, there is virtually no way to keep a level head. Oh, come on. I’ll throw eggs at houses every Halloween of my life. If I think he needs parental supervision in a way that he is not getting? I certainly think so. But if I think he should be deportedNo way. Continue reading