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Justin Bieber praises attitude

Justin Bieber praises attitudes during concert in Singapore

Justin Bieber praises attitudeJustin Bieber fired up a season about a month and a half vacation and began the last leg of their world tour, the Believe Tour in Singapore. Known for creating controversy and maximize the same with the name of Bieber, the TMZ surprised some fans of the Canadian star, when published on Tuesday (24), a few compliments about Justin, reporting that the singer came on stage 15 minutes earlier than expected and recognized some gestures that all fans are accustomed to seeing Justin do, even if the media does not show. Check out the review: Continue reading

justin bieber pooh bear

‘It was a slice of lemon and not drugs,’ Pooh Bear clarify on photo deleted by Justin Bieber

justin bieber pooh bearJustin Bieber has updated its app Instagram account with a photo of singer and producer,  Jason “Pooh Bear” Boyd . The image that Justin put the caption,  “What you have on hand, Pooh?” , sparked controversy because many began to wonder if it would be marijuana or cocaine. Because many of the comments that fans sent in the photo, asking that Justin did not use drugs, such as “Justin, please do not use drugs, we want you to stay healthy!” the singer blew out the same a few hours later.

The whole story does not stop there, after the photo has been deleted by Justin, the tabloids and gossip sites found fuel to speculate further about what Pooh Bear really was holding back and questioning friendships Justin and the star would not be having friends who are a bad influence. To clarify the matter during a brief interview published by website TMZ on Thursday (05), Pooh denied the whole story. Check out the video and the statements of the same about the episode with Justin: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber what she wants fake

Justin Bieber: I DIDN’T SAY THE N-WORD, New Song Is a FAKE!

Justin Bieber what she wants fake

After several rumors about Justin Bieber have said an offensive word in a song from an audio released this week, that Justin has no connection with history whole. 

Justin Bieber is the victim of a sick joke that someone posted on the internet, claiming to be a new song called What She Wants , which supposedly Bieber says the word with N *.

The Youtube video was ridiculed to look like an official recording of Bieber and was posted by a fake account, representing the singer. Continue reading

justin bieber lil twist

VIDEO: Lil Twist talks about controversies involving his friendship with Justin Bieber and TMZ

justin bieber lil twistIn an interview conducted in August for radio K104 FM , rapper and friend of Justin Bieber , Lil Twist , commented on the controversy surrounding his friendship with Justin and the news turned police case after he had assaulted a woman’s house Canadian and be arrested for traffic problems, using cars singer. Check out the video: Watch The Video!

justin bieber attacked in nightclub

‘It was just a fan wanting a picture, “says the manager of the club deny that Justin Bieber was attacked

justin bieber attacked in nightclubJustin Bieber would have been attacked in the early hours of Saturday (31), during its passage through the nightclub Uniun in Toronto, but in an interview with The Star , Orin Bristol , manager of the club revealed that in fact it was not a aggressor, but a fan who wanted a picture.

Justin Bieber got into a confrontation with a fan who allegedly tried to take a picture with him in a nightclub in Toronto on the morning of Saturday (31), and lost a gold chain $40,000 during the incident, according to club officials. Continue reading

justin bieber tmz

‘TMZ this is for you,’ Justin Bieber teases site in photo on Instagram

justin bieber tmzJustin Bieber updated his Instagram with a new photo. In the image, the singer runs alongside a friend and legend, sent a message in an ironic tone to TMZ , a site that normally post multiple articles with a touch of sensationalism, especially about Justin’s behavior in traffic. 

Other pictures related to the singer were published recently by others in the application, along with a photo of Justin featuring song Lolly.: Continue reading

justin bieber attacked in nightclub 1

Justin Bieber attacked at nightclub last night in Toronto

justin bieber attacked in nightclub 1Justin Bieber was bum rushed in a Canadian nightclub by an over eager partier who tried in vain to tackle him. It all went down at 3 am today at a Toronto nightclub. Sources on scene tell us JB left his safe VIP section to mingle with the regular folk — and that’s when a male clubgoer charged at him, got hold of his shirt and attempted to take him down, but failed reported tmz.

In the pics … you can see security rushed in stat (below) and managed to pull the guy off Bieber — successfully taking him to the ground. In the midst of the chaos we’re told JB was seen trying to defend himself, unleashing a fury of kicks. Continue reading

justin bieber ferarri stop sign

Justin Bieber Driving Without License – Accused of Running Stop Sign!

justin bieber ferarri stop signJustin Bieber was pulled over in the early hours of Wednesday morning after he drove through a stop sign, and during the questioning, police discovered he wasn’t licensed to drive in California, reports TMZ.

According to the site, police noticed Justin’s white Ferrari go through a stop sign near his Calabasas home at around 4:30am. But he was then discovered to not have a valid California driver’s license, which new residents are required to have within 10 days of moving to the state. Continue reading

beliebers tmz complaint

Payback: Beliebers Attack TMZ Complaint Dept. about controversial news!

beliebers tmz complaintThe TMZ newsroom was FLOODED with thousands of calls from angry Beliebers — who all seemed to be upset about the story tmz posted featuring  controversial news about bieber

The career of Justin Bieber is always surrounded by rumors and accusations often created just to address controversial issues involving the singer. This time, TMZ published the singer naked, just hiding her private parts with a guitar. Justin is seen next to his grandmother Diane Dale. Watch The Video!