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Justin Bieber Selena gomez backtogether

Justin Bieber Takes GF Selena Gomez to Hometown in Toronto- New Pic Together!

Justin Bieber Selena gomez backtogetherJustin Bieber has taken his girlfriend Selena Gomez on a trip to his Canadian hometown. JB began dating Selena in 2010 and their romance has been patchy ever since. They have been spotted on a number of occasions this year (2014) but have not commented on their relationship status.Justin Bieber Takes GF Selena Gomez to Hometown in TorontoTogether!JELENA were previously spotted at Dave & Buster’s restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday night  and they have since embarked on a trip to Ontario, Canada, where Justin was raised and his father still lives.
According to E! News, JELENA visited a Tim Hortons restaurant to order takeout food but did not speak to each other inside and left in separate cars.

A source tells Usmagazine, “They are doing what they are doing… She doesn’t care, she doesn’t define it.”

Justin also posted a black and white ‘selfie’ image of the pair on Instagram that evening.

Photo below: Justin took selfies during the private flight.bieber private flight

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez News:

Video: Justin Bieber Arrives With Selena Gomez In Toronto, Canada

Justin Bieber Arrives With Selena Gomez In Toronto, CanadaJustin Bieber was spoted while landed in Toronto, Canada. Besides being accompanied by his entourage, Justin was holding hands with the actress and singer Selena Gomez, which has resulted in more speculation about the possible return of the couple. Bieber was probably visiting his Canadian family and friends and enjoy a little rest after the fright he took during a raid in the city of Los Angeles, California. Check out the photo and video:Justin Bieber Arrives With Selena Gomez In Toronto

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justin bieber toronto assault

Justin Bieber’s Toronto Assault Case Postponed to September 8

justin bieber toronto assaultJustin Bieber was reportedly a no-show in a Toronto court Monday morning for a routine hearing in the assault case.

Justin is accused of assaulting a limo driver in the city on December 30 during a night of partying with his entourage.

JB turned himself in to Toronto Police on January 29 to face the charge.

Court heard JB’s lawyer and the Crown are still in discussions and the next court date will be September 8.

A lawyer for JB has said he isn’t expected to make a court appearance before trial.

Many of the girls said they heard Bieber would not be in court, but had a glimmer of hope that perhaps the star of 20 years would appear. “We expected to see him and find him, I do not know,” said Roxy 15 years. “ We really loved it. Like, it’s perfect.

Another common theme among the Beliebers was that the media creates stories out of proportion about it, so they wanted to see it come to court. ‘If he committed the assault someone needs to condemn it’ , they said, ‘but how they know what really happened? ‘

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Justin Bieber MMVA 2014 Favorite Artist

MMVA 2014: Justin Bieber Wins Award ‘Your Fave Artist’ For The 4th Consecutive Year

Justin Bieber MMVA 2014 Favorite ArtistIn Toronto, the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards or MMVA 2014, which is one of Canada’s major awards, held annually by the channel MuchMusic. As one of the most distinguished Canadian superstars, Justin Bieber received two nominations at the awards and the announcement of his win in the category “Your Favorite Artist” only reaffirmed the strength singer 20 years carries along with his loyal army of fans who voted and hard open daily in the public category.

The celebration also came because of the number of times that Justin has won this same category, showing their preference for the public for 4 consecutive years. The first time Justin has won this category at the 2011 MMVA’s and since then, the singer has been winning all these years, thanks to the loyal support of his Beliebers.

Remember that in 2010 Justin won the category “Your Fave New Artist”, which generally equates to the ‘same’ category, but the technical rules of the MMVA’s not the same as “Your Fave Artist”. All because in 2011 the category “Your Fave New Artist” was replaced by the category “Your Fave Artist”, so the awards cited 4 consecutive years and not 5 years as it is technically another category/name.

The official Twitter of the event organizer, the MuchMusic channel, broke the news and congratulated the fans of Justin for his dedication to it. Check out:

Be proud, #Beliebers ! ‘All That Matters’ is to give you voted @JustinBieber the #MMVA for Your Fave Artist … for the FOURTH straight year!

In the category “International Video of the Year (by a Canadian)” , Justin was competing with the video for “All That Matters“, the singer lost to Drake in the video for “Hold On We’re Going Home” . This category was not open to the public vote and the winner was chosen by the committee of the MMVA.

Congratulations to Justin and every Belieber who voted. Without you, without your support and dedication voting on Justin every day, none of this would be possible, then, you are the main reason of Justin smiling on this achievement and celebrate this victory in his career, one of the many who have already celebrated and the next to come!

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justin bieber not charged assulting limo driver

Justin Bieber Will Not Be Charged In Case Of Assulting The Limo Driver In Toronto

justin bieber not charged assulting limo driverIn Toronto, Canada, the audience to define details of another legal case involving Justin Bieber, the singer was accused of assaulting a limo driver in December 2012. Despite expectations, Bieber did not need to be present, but only his attorney represented him and on April 14 the case will have a new audience again without the mandatory Canadian star of 20 years is present, in addition, the judge ruled that Justin will not accuse of a crime, but a misdemeanor, a criminal offense considered a “minor offense”, punishable in most cases with a sentence of conditional imprisonment where the offender respond in freedom or just a fine.

The hearing scheduled for April 14 will handle administrative matters mostly. A trial date has not yet been defined, and it may be several months later, according to Bieber’s lawyer.

None of his legal troubles, however, has affected its popularity with teens who packed the court in Toronto in hopes of catching a glimpse of the pop star.

They were disappointed because Bieber himself was not present but was represented by one of the best criminal lawyers in Canada, Brian Greenspan.

The Toronto Police accuses Bieber of assaulting a limo driver “several times” in the back of the head. The driver had caught him and five other people in a nightclub in the city, at dawn on December 30.

The evidence cited at the hearing on Monday included the declaration of the driver to the police, and video surveillance.

Bieber was not required to attend, then his lawyer was there in his place. Several court officials explained to the small legion of girls lining up outside the court that the pop star was not there room, but this did not discourage the Beliebers. “People’s Court may be lying,” explained the fans.

The hearing ended almost as quickly as it began, with the judge announcing Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, and setting the next date for April 14. “Judge summarily decided to proceed with the process, which resembles a misdemeanor,” Greenspan said. No independent witnesses who say that Bieber “was not involved in any problem,” Greenspan said.

Bieber will not be in court, at any time until the date of trial, which probably will not be anytime soon. The veteran defense attorney said he had never seen so many spectators watching a routine setting a date in court before. “Last time was with Naomi Campbell in a common case some 15 years ago,” he said outside the court. “I’m afraid of how it will be my legacy after two similar cases” .

Greenspan often responded to questions from reporters about the progress of cases at the Old City Hall, but it is usually not surrounded by a bunch of teenagers taking pictures on their smartphones. “Tell Justin I love him,” shouted Kristyn 13 years to the lawyer. Greenspan said he would not say. Kristyn later said that Bieber is her idol and she wanted to come to court, even though his mother has said that the singer did not even know she existed. When someone suggested that Bieber was there, Kristyn choked and tears welled in her eyes.

Many of the girls said they heard Bieber would not be in court, but had a glimmer of hope that perhaps the star of 20 years would appear. “We expected to see him and find him, I do not know,” said Roxy 15 years. “ We really loved it. Like, it’s perfect.

Another common theme among the Beliebers was that the media creates stories out of proportion about it, so they wanted to see it come to court. ‘If he committed the assault someone needs to condemn it’ , they said, ‘but how they know what really happened? ‘

He can learn from his mistakes, but at the same time, like, he’s still young and he just wants to enjoy, there is a lot of pressure on him now and kind, I kind of, I just think that people should just get over light ” Roxy said. “Like, this is all too much for him.

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rob ford

‘I Wanted To Be As Successful As Him’ Toronto Mayor Defends Justin Bieber

rob fordRob Ford , Mayor of Toronto, Canada, recently defended the singer Justin Bieber , who is the subject of constant attention and rumors in the media due to the controversial events in his career and personal life.

During an interview conducted by phone for a radio program in Washington, DC,  Ford said that Bieber is only 19 and asked the radio broadcasters, who called the singer “Worst export from Canada,” so that when they had to re-member same age. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Assaulting Limousine Driver Toronto 2

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Charged with Assaulting Limousine Driver in Toronto!

Justin Bieber Assaulting Limousine Driver Toronto 2Justin Bieber was photographed while penetrated a police station in Toronto, Canada. The reason for the way the singer until the place was about to meet an old complaint it received in December 2013 for allegedly clashed with the driver of a limousine. Bieber was testifying about the case at the police station accompanied by a lawyer, and in addition to hundreds of photographers who were waiting at the site, a large number of people were there to see it. 

The charge comes a week after he was arrested and charged for a separate incident in Florida for DUI. Justin’s lawyer said he was innocent.

Toronto police say that Justin Bieber was one of six people picked up by a limousine outside a nightclub in the early hours of 30 December, 2013. Watch The Video!

justin bieber believe 3d movie

Justin Bieber ‘Believe 3D’ Movie Gets Secret Screening in Toronto

justin bieber believe 3d movieInternational buyers and Beliebers lined up alongside one another Saturday for the first glimpse of Justin Bieber’s “Believe” at a special screening mounted by IM Global at the Cineplex in Toronto.

The screening, whose location was kept under wraps for fears that it would be swamped by the singer’s legions of fans, gave the attendees a first glimpse of the documentary, a mix of concert footage and interviews about the now-controversial pop star’s rise to fame. Continue reading