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justin bieber behavior during trial

Justin Bieber Declares Himself To Fans And Rebate Criticism Of His Behavior During Trial

justin bieber behavior during trialJustin Bieber makes sure to always talk to his fans and open his heart through statements on his official profile on the microblogging site Twitter and the Canadian superstar did it again, this time, in addition to declaring love for the fans and comment on how he felt honored to provide an amazing time last night in Austin, Texas , Justin also commented indirectly on the criticism he received after released the video of his deposition, during part the trial on March 6 in Miami, referring to the charges of ordering the attack on a paparazzo in June 2013.

During the deposition, Justin was little collaborative and mocking many of the issues raised and some commented that the singer would have been disrespectful to the authorities, but far from attempting to defend himself, Justin claimed his behavior was within the right of any human being feeling harassed and his defensive instinct in action. Check out the tweets:

Love how some people love to twist and justify the horrible action of others. We all have a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed. They can not break us. They can not get us down. We are too strong. We love too much. #mybeliebers

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‘Do Not Ask Me About It Again’ Watch Justin Bieber Deposition Full Video

justin bieber deposition conductDays after deposition of Justin Bieber, which took place on March 6, the video with snippets of moments already reported and was released. The singer said during deposition on charges he ordered the attacks a paparazzo in June 2013, in Miami.

The video confirms the information that the singer behaved in a mocking way and that in addition to nap (or interpret the situation), also respond “I do not know” or “I do not recall” to most questions and chafed and left the room when asked about his ex-girlfriend, singer and actress Selena Gomez, saying, “Do not ask me about it again, do not ask me about it again, do not ask me about it” . Check out the video:

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justin bieber arrest trial

Trial Of Justin Bieber By Arrest In Miami Was Postponed Indefinitely

justin bieber arrest trialit was anticipated that the trial outcome for the arrest of Justin Bieber in Miami Beach, last January 23, it was held, but the Belgian site GVA in a report released a court spokesman said the indefinite delay of the trial of Bieber who is currently on holiday with his family and friends in the Bahamas. 

The lawsuit against the pop star for 20 years, Justin Bieber because of a rift in Miami, in Florida, USA, has been postponed. The process should start on Monday. A new date has not yet been established, as reported by a spokesman for the court in Miami, on Tuesday. The reason for the postponement was unclear. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Released On Bond From Miami Jail For DUI Drag Racing!

justin bieber in courtAfter being arrested this morning in Miami, Justin Bieber was dismissed on the afternoon of Thursday (23). The pronouncement of the judge on the case of the Canadian singer who was arrested this morning for doing ‘handle’ and driving under the influence of intoxicants, was broadcast live by dozens of media outlets in the United States and lasted just over 1 minute.

About two hours earlier, Justin was booked and had to take the photos for their criminal record in prison  Turner Guilford Knight Correctional. Then at 16:00 (GMT), the trial of the singer and Bieber was broadcast was ordered to pay bail of $2,500 dollars for speeding and under the influence of narcotics. Check out the video of the trial!