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Justin Bieber Leaving Court after Probation meeting in Los Angeles 1

Justin Bieber Leaving Court after Probation meeting in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Leaving Court after Probation meeting in Los Angeles 1Justin Bieber was spotted by paparazzi while leaving a court in Los Angeles, California. The Canadian superstar was in great spirits when he left the scene and did not give to meet some fans who were close to the building, its hopes and received the warmth and charisma of the idol.Justin Bieber Leaving Court after Probation meeting in Los Angeles 5

Bieber’s visit was part of one of the more routine visits linked as serving on probation for a misdemeanor, for vandalism when he attacked his neighbor’s house with eggs. Check out the HQ photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

As part of his punishment, Justin must not break any laws for two years and needs to complete anger management classes and five days of community service on time.

He was also fined $80K, though damages to house were estimated at around $20K.
Additionally, he was asked to stay at least 100 yards away from his former neighbor and his family.

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‘Video Speaks For Itself’ Lawyer, Man Who Accuses Justin Bieber Of Aggression At Dave & Buster

Justin BieberJustin Bieber, Lil Za and Selena Gomez were at the arcade Dave & Buster in Los Angeles, California, but for the passage of the Local Canadian star was a quick commotion after a man who was taking photos Justin and Selena was approached by security guards Justin in order to verify the contents of the cell and the supposed fan sued the police with a complaint of attempted robbery, which was later resolved peacefully.

Days later the man and his wife filed a lawsuit and lawyer Gloria Allred, who is handling the case, said that the client has videos that can prove the assault.

The famous lawyer Gloria Allred said he has video of the alleged incident with Justin Bieber at Dave & Buster in Los Angeles.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, police were called to the site after Bieber would have tried to take the phone of a stranger after the unidentified man was taking pictures and filming him and Selena Gomez.

Sources told that Bieber tried to attack the man, but was restrained by his security team and then had left the place before the cops arrive.Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Involved in a Phone Stealing at Dave & Buster 1

Now Allred is representing the man and his wife, and spoke with TMZ outside the Police Department of Los Angeles, after a meeting with investigators.

The lawyer said he had a video of the alleged brawl that was witnessed by officials, but declined to say exactly what it shows.

I think the video will speak for itself” , she said.

Allred described her client as “victimized” by Bieber, and said they “are cooperating with the police investigation.”

She also declined to say if the couple is seeking damages, but added: “Prosecutor will decide whether there should be a lawsuit”.

According to TMZ sources, the researchers reviewed the video and while it supposedly shows Bieber supposedly advancing to the man, but confirms that he made no physical contact.

The site adds that the police would like to interview Bieber next week.

The singer is currently on probation for his infamous incident of vandalism, which requires him to stay away from any of these problems for two years.

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Justin Bieber Guilty Egg Attack

Justin Bieber Is Found Guilty In The Outcome Of The Case Of ‘Egg Attack’

Justin Bieber Guilty Egg AttackAnother court case involving Justin Bieber came to an official resolution on Wednesday (09). Five months after the incident, the righteousness of Los Angeles decided to file a case of ‘egg attack‘ when Justin threw several eggs at the home of his former neighbor in Calabasas, California, just as a misdemeanor *, classifying the act as vandalism. The prosecution was undecided as to accuse Justin of a felony or a misdemeanor.

With the decision, Justin who pleaded guilty in a document filed by his lawyers, do not run the risk of going to jail, discharging feathers lighter. The outcome of the case hearing was held on Wednesday (9), but the presence of the singer was not mandatory and he did not attend the police station.

The Canadian pop star Justin Bieber will be charged with a misdemeanor count of vandalism for the case of ‘egg attack’ against the house of his neighbor, according to prosecutors. A spokesperson said that the singer was not in court for the hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

Bieber, 20, faces two other criminal cases in Florida and Toronto.

In January, investigators raided the mansion of Bieber in Calabasas, California to search for evidence after the ‘attack eggs’ apparently caused serious damage.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office stated that the police were looking for the tapes of the surveillance camera. The surveillance images seized in the house, showed Bieber running and celebrating after throwing eggs at the home of his neighbor, according to police.

The pop star could have faced a more serious charge if the damage to the house was over $ 20,000.

Under the reported agreement, Bieber does not go to prison but instead will be put in a year on probation and will be required to do community service. He will also pay compensation to the victim of ovada.

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Justin Bieber iphone5

Justin Bieber Fears For Photos Leak And Information On Iphone Seized By Police!

Justin Bieber iphone5The case of the police investigation with complaints of vandalism against Justin Bieber . During police search Bieber’s mansion, on the 14th of January, and video equipment, agents also took his cell phone from singer and according to E!, Bieber fears his photos and personal information from leaking. Justin Bieber is walking on eggshells. But not really as you are thinking, this has nothing to do with gems.

“People Justin are really concerned about what [the police department] encontrarpa on his phone,” the source told E! News without specifically mentioning they could find Justin on the phone that is making him feel very uneasy. Reports say that the star is afraid of naked pictures and messages with references to drugs leak. Continue reading