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justin bieber throw eggs

Police Said They Discovered Video Evidence Involving The Case Of Eggs For Justin Bieber

justin bieber throw eggsThe weather is improving for Justin Bieber and his fans in recent days, after the singer turned to focus on his music and has had many moments in the studio, during his stay in Atlanta, Georgia, since last week, but while the singer have a time of quiet in their ‘second home‘, the investigation of a case involving the star and the law are advancing and this week, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and sources close to the case revealed that it is close to having an outcome, because researchers have found the images of the equipment of surveillance cameras seized at the home of singer evidence enough.

Justin was the condo area before and after he allegedly attacked the house of his neighbor and could have easily thrown the eggs, a source who had access to the actual video surveillance cameras Bieber told the NY Daily News. Continue reading